Environmental Management Policy

FORMA LONDON CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD recognises that environmental issues are of fundamental importance to a successful and responsible business strategy.

For this reason, we are committed to reducing the environmental impact of our operations wherever and whenever this is possible.

In line with this commitment to the environment, FORMA LONDON CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD will:

· Ensure that its operations comply with or exceed the existing legislation in the areas in which it operates.

· Attempt to deal with all environmental issues either at, or as close to their source as is possible.

· Endeavour to operate at all times in a way, which will incur the minimum environmental impacts before and after the operation.

· Minimise energy usage and waste generation wherever this is possible and practicable.

· Re-cycle materials wherever this is possible and practical.

· Set environmental targets, which it will strive to achieve and communicate these targets to staff and contractors.

· Train and educate its workforce in relevant aspects of environmental best practices.

· Communicate its environmental policy and practices at all levels and sites of the organisation.

· Review its environmental policy on a regular basis.

FORMA LONDON CONSTRUCTION SERVICES LTD believes strongly that good business practice and sound environmental management are both essential factors in an efficient and successful organisation.